Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something you might not have known about rhinos

I enjoy learning things I did not previously know, particularly if the knowledge will be completely useless to me in the future. From time to time I plan to post a blog on here in the vein of "something you might not have known about (insert the something here)," and will then proceed to tell you something you might not have know about that something I am telling you about. The something which you learn will most likely be completely useless information to you, but will hopefully be interesting to know.

Today’s useless something will be about Rhinos

Topic: The Rhino
Clarification: Rhino is short for Rhinoceros
How to recognize a Rhino in case you are unsure what one is: A Rhino is a fairly large animal, best recognized by its having a rather large horn on its nose. This often furry eared mammal is indigenous to Africa and the southern parts of Asia and looks kind of like the love child of a pit bull and an elephant. There are five species of Rhinos and they are not all the same. Some species of Rhino have two horns, some have one. Despite the number of horns, Rhinos are easily recognizable due to the fact that most animals don’t have horns on their noses. So, Horn on the nose generally = Rhino.
What you probably didn’t know about Rhinos: Rhinos are not born with horns (a fact which the female of the species is said to be eternally grateful for) and these horns are in fact composed of hair. They are made up of Keratin, which is what hair and fingernails are made of. The super matted up hair grows and forms the horn of the Rhino over time. Rhinos are an endangered species now because some cultures believe their horn to be an aphrodisiac. I can not confirm or deny this supposition, having never sampled Rhino Horn. The horn, when ground up, has been used for other medicines and what not as well.
What you probably didn’t know about Rhinos Part 2: Some Rhinos have a Prehensile Lip. That’s Right. Prehensile. If you are struggling to remember where you have heard that term before, it is generally applied to Monkey Tails. Some Rhinos have a prehensile upper lip and it basically operates kind of like a finger, to grab things and pull them into the mouth. This is especially useful to the Rhino, who has no hands with which to stuff itself with food.
Summary: Horn on nose = Rhino. Horn is made of hair. Prehensile Lip.

You are now prepared to discuss Rhinos, should they come up in the conversation (as they so often do). Or, you could take your fella/ladyfriend to the zoo and show them what a genius you are (the zoo is an excellent place for a date, incidentally). Whatever use you find for this info, I hope you find it useful.

Many Blessings


  1. can rhinos be named Borris???

  2. Excellent Question Velma. A Rhino will generally have a name reflective of the culture he or she is born into. However, due to the invasion of European cultures into just about every part of the planet, it is very possible that the mother / father rhino will have become somewhat Westernized and will give their offspring a more European name.

  3. I vote for Juan. Many Juans around these days.