Sunday, July 29, 2012

So I'm pretty much famous now.

Here's how it happened.

I was looking on Craig's List a few weeks ago, when I stumbled across an opportunity to expand my horizons a bit.

Side note #1 - The "Talent" section under "Gigs" in Craig's List is a sordid and creepy place, and should generally be avoided.

But back to the main point...

I have long held the lofty ambition to someday be used as an extra in a movie.  I understand that I have clearly set the hopes and dreams bar pretty high on that one, but we can't all wish as hard as Rudy.  I have always been amused by the thought of watching a movie and seeing myself walk by in the background.  I was particularly interested in trying to shemp my way into being an extra in some sort of zombie or indie horror movie, preferably one which will eventually become a cult classic. 

With this dream in mind and hope in my heart, I was perusing ads which were looking for extras, then there it was.  The ad was casting for a Zombie 48 Hour Film Project.  I wasn't sure what that was, but they were looking for people interested in being involved, and it had Zombie in the title, so I knew I wanted to find out more.

I sent an email with my credentials and photos and I shortly received a positive response.  They wanted me to come in for an audition of sorts.  The aforementioned credentials included my having acted in two silent indie films.  This is in point of fact, true.  I did do this.  I even have a VHS Copy of one of the films.  The other project I have never actually seen a completed version of.  I was on screen for about 12 or 13 seconds in the one I have.  The films were made by a man named Todd Morten and were shot with a Super 8 camera.  The time frame of this acting experience was around 1996 or thereabouts.  I might not have mentioned these particular details in the email.  It's entirely possible I just mentioned that I had acted in two Indie Films.  Regardless, I was on my way to fame and fortune.

Side Note #2 - I was also in a promotional video for a rock and roll band called Spin 490.  I played a character loosely based on myself, but did not include this in my credentials.  Perhaps I might have been able to skip even having to audition if they knew I had been in three film projects.  I also own a VHS copy of this rockumentary.  If anyone knows how to convert VHS to something I can put on youtube, great adventure might be ahead for all of us.

So I went in for the audition.  I was a little nervous because I wondered if perhaps the people involved might actually be cannibals who lure the careless in with fake ads and then eat them.  Perhaps even while filming the whole thing, thus creating something of a reality zombie type film, just without the whole undead thing.  It turned out they did not plan to kill me.  So that was good.  I answered some questions about what I loved about Zombie movies and what a Zombie Purist is, and then I had to read a part.  This was difficult for me, mainly because in my head I was hearing the part read in 1920's reporter guy voice.  I knew using this voice would be the most sure fire way imaginable to not get the green light, so I suppressed the scat man in my soul and read the part in my normal voice.  I guess it was good enough.

I was offered some role in the film, though I do not as yet know what that role will be.  It turns out that a 48 hour film project is a rather interesting and marvelous thing.  This particular one can be examined in greater detail here, but the basic gist is that the filmmaker will get their topic on Friday and have that evening to write the script.  They then have all day Saturday to shoot the movie and have to do all the editing, etc on Sunday.  So it's film making at warp speed.

I don't know if I'll be talking in the film or if I'll just be eating people.  Or perhaps being eaten by other people.  Or standing in the background watching other people be eaten.  I won't know until late Friday night sometime before showing up Saturday morning.  As I said, interesting and marvelous.

All of this will take place at the beginning of September.  So I'd recommend getting in good with me now, because in about a month I'll be far too big time for all you little people.