Monday, April 8, 2013

Swallowed by a whale.

Well, my goodness.

It has been a long time since my last blog posting, and for that I apologize.  I'm certain that all five of you have been deeply impacted by my absence.  The only excuse I can offer is that I was swallowed by a whale, and that pretty much took up most of my time for the last few months.

My whale was not a literal whale, of course.  My whale was comprised mostly of working long hours and then working some more long hours.  Not as exciting as a rogue orca, I know. 

After such a long hiatus, it would be safe to assume that I would have a backlog of topics to kick around and rant about, but the thing about being inside a whale is that pretty much all you think about while you are in there is the whale itself.  And no one really wants to read about all of that.

One thing that has started to bug me though, and it has bugged me enough that it managed to seep through the whale walls, is how extremely dang derivative everything has become in the world today. 

Every where I turn, everything is just a reboot or a reimagining of something else.  This is okay to a certain extent, but it has gotten out of control.  For example....

I recently became aware that there is a new version of Carrie coming out this year.  Okay.  I get it.  It was a great book and a really successful movie in 1976.  So much so that a sequel was created and released in 1999.  So much so that another remake was released in 2002.  And, apparently, so much so that we need another version of it to come out in 2013.  I'm sure it will be great.  The source material is great, so it's hard to screw it up, but come on.  It's a little too much, isn't it?  Do we really need to see it all over again?  We know it ends badly.  Blood.  Fire.  The works.

When you tack this on to the recent / upcoming remakes of Red Dawn, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, the Evil Dead, The Great Gatsby, Conan, Footloose, The Lone Ranger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fright Night, the Karate Kid, Clash of the Titans, The Thing, The Last House on the Left, and the 4 million other films / TV Series that aren't readily available off the top of my head, it just too much..  AND, that doesn't even tap into the constant rebooting of superhero films, which relaunch every 5-6 years.

Okay... So I'm excited to see the Evil Dead remake.  I'm inconsistent and hypocritical. 

I'm also a shameless self promoter, and with that in mind....
The short film I worked on last year, which can be read about in more detail by clicking HERE, is being made into a full length feature film this summer.  You can make your own contribution to the demise of the hollywood remake merry-go-round by donating to the making of an original independent film.

You can help change the world, one zombie movie at at time!

If you are interested in contributing, click on the link below to go to the indiegogo donation page.  From there, you can also see the trailer and the original short film, and can interact with some of the cast and crew.  There are some really great prizes and giveaways for donating.  Go make me famous!

Blessings, until the next post find its way beyond the whale.

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