Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A round of Applause!

Let’s hear it for the city of Dallas! A round of applause if you will for this once fair city! Not only has the city managed to lose the most famous football team in the world to another city and managed to entirely kill the arts and music culture that was once so rich in its formerly renowned Deep Ellum area, Dallas has also managed to prove completely useless in its emergency response services. Let me expound.
I had a car accident on Sunday. Nothing too major. No personal injuries. No other vehicles involved. However, my car was undrivable, stuck on an overpass in the downtown Mixmaster with my wife and two children inside. Naturally, I dialed 911 before taking any other action in order to ensure the safety of my family. I was told that the police and a tow truck were on their way. Much relieved, I moved on to calling my auto insurance company and reporting things from there.
Long story short.... Two hours go by with the Dallas Police still as a no-show. Two Hours!!! I limped down the overpass on my broken wheel arm to the tiny shoulder. I ended up having to get my insurance company to arrange for the tow truck that never came from Dallas. My father in law came and picked up my family and took them home so they didn’t sit on the highway for more than half an hour. Two Hours! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they probably would not have shown up had I stuck around for another 10 hours.
So, for all you criminals out there – Dallas is your target city! You have at least two hours to stage a get away, and possibly longer. I recommend calling 911 on yourself as you start the criminal activity, just so you can set your watch.

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