Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's up with my mouth?

Getting older is a strange and mysterious thing. I’m forever fascinated (and at times appalled) by the changes that occur with each passing year. The last 12 months have been exceptional in regards to one specific change.

My mouth.

More specifically, my tastes. Below is a list of things that I used to absolutely abhor, and now enjoy immensely. These aren’t items I was indifferent to and now just enjoy. These are things I despised with everything in my capacity for despisement. I didn’t graduate to indifference either. I graduated to great levels of enjoyment when these things are available. So be encouraged O picky eaters of the world. Try something new and you might be surprised.

#1. Alcohol
In my 2010 physical, I was told to start drinking wine to assist with some cholesterol issues. At the time I could not have disliked the taste of alcohol more. At the present date, I could not possibly like the taste of alcohol more. On a side note, I am wholeheartedly opposed to drunkenness and do not overindulge in my enjoyment. There was a period of adjustment and developing a taste for alcohol. Now I enjoy a glass or two of Red every night. Cheers. Apothic Red is the current #1.

#2. Onions
I’m still not throwing down on a raw onion like I would an apple, but I’m finding myself putting onions in all kinds of food and no longer removing them from my burger. The onion was once number one on my enemy vegetable list. Now the onion is welcome to visit any time. It is especially enjoyable in food of the Mexican variety.

#3. Coffee
I hated coffee. Absolutely hated it. I’m not up to black yet, but throw in some cream and sugar and I’m ready for the all nighter. I even learned how to use the coffee maker.

#4. Yogurt
I always found the very idea of yogurt repulsive. I treated it as the leper of the dairy community (which it really kind of is). I am far from all in on yogurt and so far I am only eating one particular brand of yogurt (Stonyfield Greek Organic Peach or Cherry), but I now open to the concept. I’m no Michael Westin, but I do eat about one yogurt per day these days.



  1. You went from no coffee and no wine until you hit your thirties? Wow. Expect personality changes, not necessarily for the worse.

  2. Right. The majority of these taste changes have been positive ones.