Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dust off the moon

Can someone help me with something? Why don’t we go to the moon anymore? When you think about the mass technological advances in the last 50 years, you would think it would be a lot easier now to send someone there and land than it was on those earlier missions. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but it makes you wonder about all those rumors that we never landed there in the first place and that all of that footage was faked. I’m pretty sure the issue isn’t financial, considering all the other things we blow our money on. I’m also pretty sure it’s not because of the bad Transformers who live on the moon, but again, I can’t be sure. I know we don’t have to beat those Ruskies into submission anymore, but surely there’s another Sputnik out there to freak out the establishment isn’t there?

So what’s the story here? It’s been a really long time now since a lunar landing. Aren’t we supposed to have colonized the moon by now? Isn’t that what the boomers had planned for us? If nothing else, aren’t we supposed to use it as a landfill for our 80’s big mac containers?

Just something I was wondering about and hoped one my 3 faithful readers might have some insight on the death of the space race.



  1. C'mon, man. Travel to the moon? Think about it. A rocket ship supposedly traveling as fast as a bullet from a gun, with people inside it, landing on the moon two-hundred thousand plus miles from earth.

    It can't be done. Never happened. Rest easy.

  2. Where do you think all the special people go? Where do they take the president when the bad stuff hits the fan? Where is Elvis living today? SECRET MOON BASES! Normal Joes like you and me, they're keepin' us down. But they don't know I'm building a rocketship in my garage with stuff I'm stealing from the factory. If you want, I can put another seat in for you. - Jeff D.

  3. Jeff. You know I want in the rocket.
    Todd. I'm starting to lean that way. I need to go see Buzz to find out if he's reputable.