Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Quarter Review

Well we are a quarter of the way through this whole 2010 thing. How’s your year going so far? Sticking with those resolutions? Getting anything done?

I’m doing well with the majority of the things I resolved to do differently and/or better in 2010. On the lighter side I have indeed worn a tie to work every single day. On the heavier side I have managed to spend a little more time with my kids, though this is still the one that needs the most attention. I am mostly on track to bring my attempted writing of a novel up to 200 pages by year end. It’s sitting at about 50 right now and I’m optimistic. Since we got rid of the Satellite and never bought a converter box for our television it has been a lot easier to be productive this year. Life really is better when it is spent away from the television, though it will often require you to think. This can be frightening for all of us. I also have managed to stay on the eating healthy and exercising kick so far in 2010 and with notable results. Remind me to show you my biceps some time. Wow. My band is about a third of the way through recording a full length CD to release later this year. I’m also in the middle of putting in flower beds in front of my house, which is rather hard work, but will be worth it once they are in. I think it’s been a pretty good start to the decade.

So how about you? Is this going to be a year to remember? Keep in mind we only get to live this thing one time. It might be a good idea to look back on it fondly when you are older. It might also be a good idea to take care of yourself enough to have a chance to get older and have the opportunity to look back on something. So what have you accomplished so far in 2010?


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  1. I see nothing in here about more time with the Metzes ;)
    Way to go though! I've not done so well with my exercising like I wanted but for me its hard to fit everything in with grad school. But I'm almost done. August is the BIG end with May being the celebration! Keep up the hard work Autry!